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Camea has selected only the best designers for you.

Designer Hans Sonnaert

"As a gold and silver smith I like to leave my marks on my creations. But it's the people who will wear the jewelry who are always at the heart of my story. They add something beautiful to everyday reality, and I accentuate that with my creations in gold, diamonds, pearls and precious stones.
"Despite the richness of my creations, I always bring them back to a timeless and powerful minimalism of pure forms.They return to the essence of the jewelry art, which is to communicate through form, material and technique".

Designer Elke Smellenbergh

"My great source of inspiration is the natural lines and simple forms of nature. All little wonders can develop into a powerful jewel."
"I like to enrich a jewel with magnificent pearls. With a design as timeless as can be, the pearl is returned to secure surroundings. The shell protecting the pearl is replaced by the jewel."


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